When sailing on Sunday towards Helsingholmen, I skimmed through this season’s logbook and could not avoid noticing the similarity between the daily weather descriptions: sunny weather, sunny weather, sunny weather… Indeed, this has been one of the best summers for years in Finland, and the last weekend and the beginning of this week did not alter this pattern: the Sun was shining and the temperature climbed to around 20 degrees every day. We actually did not use the heater at all during the nights, since the temperature was just perfect. The seawater temperature is still around 17 degrees, so this keeps the nights pleasantly mild in the archipelago. 
We decided to sail to Helsingholmen for the evening, since we had not visited this island this season. Helsingholmen is one of our most favourite places in the Southwestern Archipelago and the sauna is on one of the most beautiful locations, that we have seen. 
Arriving in Helsingholmen in the Sunday evening. Only two other boats overnighted in the harbour. 

We reserved the sauna from 9 to 10 pm. The Sun had already set, but beautiful views from the rocks neverthelessThe seawater temperature (17 deg) was surprisingly warm for September!  

On Monday morning we slept late and the two other boats had already left, when we had breakfast on the quay enjoying the amazing quietness and peacefulness of the Archipelago Sea. It felt almost as time had stopped beating. I wished that it would have. It surely did not feel like a Monday morning. 

After lunch, we motored to nearby Sandön, which is an uninhabited sandy island just about a nautical mile northeast of Helsingholmen. The surroundings and the beautiful weather kind of reminded us of our visit to Gotska Sandön in July. However, the anchorage was much calmer thanks to the sheltering archipelago. 

Over 300 meters’ long sand bank stretches out long at the sea. 

There is a place for campfire/grilling on the island. 

The wind was calm throughout the day so we motored the 10 miles distance to our boating club’s island base on Heisala island. Early on the following morning, it was time to head back to home and work. We tried to preserve as much of the memories as we could for the coming winter.