We started our summer holiday trip 2018 from Kaskinen in the West coast of Finland on Tuesday the 26th of June. The idea was to sail first to north to Kvarken Archipelago near Vaasa, and then continue across the Bothnian Sea to Höga Kusten, located on the Swedish side of the Bothnian Sea.

We sailed first to Gåshällan, which is a small island about 15 nautical miles north from Kaskinen. In this open part of the western coastline, there are not many good harbour options for sailboats as waters are shallow and there are only a few islands. Gåshällan is a low-flying island located next to the open Bothnian Sea, so the anchorage can get windy and rolly, although the island gives some protection from the sea. There is no actual guest harbour, but we used our stern anchor and one of the piers on the southern part of the island to tie the boat. There is actually also northern harbour by the old pilot station, but that appeared to be shallower according to the sea chart.

The southern harbour is located by the old Coast guard station which has been renovated as a nature station. The nature on the island is rugged but very beautiful as it is typical for these outer islands by the Bothnian Sea.

 Typical landscape for Bothnian Sea island:  
Rugged low-flying islets on Gåshällan’s western side. 

There is a small sauna on the island

The northern harbour is located by the old pilot station 

The evening was calm and beautiful. On the morning the wind veered 
to north and we had to leave swiftly as anchor started dragging.