Dolphin Dance II is currently located in Kaskinen (Kaskö) on the West Coast of Finland, so in June we have been making short weekend trips to the nearby areas. I haven’t previously sailed in these waters so it has been interesting to explore new cruising grounds as well as to get used to our new boat. Fortunately, the harbours are not too crowded in the beginning of summer so it has also been a good time to rehearse the harbour maneuvers without too much audience.
Our second trip was to Sälgrund, which is a nice Lighthouse island just a couple of nautical miles south from Kaskinen. The water level has been very low this June, but there was still enough water for our keel (1,8 m). The inner berth of the pier was actually reserved by another sailboat as we arrived on Saturday evening, but the night was calm so it was not a problem to stay in the outer side of the pier. However, the harbour is open to the south so I can imagine, that swell easily builds up in a bit of southerly breeze. 
From the harbour there is about one kilometer walk to the lighthouse and former pilot station. The lighthouse was built in 1875. 

 The Sälgrund lighthouse actually resembles Isokari lighthouse, which is 
located in Kustavi. 

Kaskinen is the smallest municipality in Finland with a town status.