We have been quite lucky with the weather, as during the whole week that we spent cruising in the High Coast, the weather was mostly sunny and also got warmer day by day. However, our luck appeared to be changing when we saw the forecast for the coming week: four days of rain! Good news was that the low pressure that was approaching would bring northerly winds.

Thus, we made a decision to leave the High Coast behind, and start a journey towards Stockholm. First this decision was a bit disappointing, since we had planned to visit Häggvik, before taking a course towards south.

 On Saturday, we were prepared for the forecasted rain, but fortunately it never came. Actually, the weather was very good: warm, and even the Sun shined for a couple of hours. The wind was mostly light, but we got a change to hoist a gennaker for the first time this season, and enjoy some relaxed downwind sailing.

The wind faded during the evening, so we decided to look for an anchorage. We headed for Barsviken, which is located about midway between Sundsvall and Härnösand. However, there were quite a lot of houses around the bay, and the middle of the bay was too deep for anchoring. Thus, we decided to look for a better place nearby. First we anchored in 10 meters’ depth, but the bottom was hard rock, so the anchor just kept coming behind when reversing. Then we tried a quite narrow sound between two small islands, Tärnskäret and Skogskäret. The water was a bit shallower there, about 6 meters deep. First the anchor was dragging for sometime, before it got a grip. Fortunately, light winds were forecasted for the night, so we decided to stay there. I set up an anchor drag alarm in the GPS, which woke us up a couple of times during the night. This was due to the boat swinging around the anchor, but fortunately the anchor was not dragging.
/Antti & Minna

The last glimpse of Höga Kusten

Met some fellow boaters at the sea!

Found a beautiful anchorage between two small islands