On Friday it was time to turn south and start a journey towards Stockholm. Thus, Trysunda was our northernmost point in Höga Kusten and also probably the northernmost place where Dolphin Dance has ever sailed: 63°8′ N.

The weather was calm so we decided to take a closer look for those massive cliffs in Skrubban. They rise to 40 meters’ height straight from the sea. Furthermore, the water is 40 meters deep almost next to the cliffs. The wind was calm and sea very flat so Antti took the dinghy and rowed to take some photos of Dolphin Dance and Minna in front of Skrubban.

There is a small rocky bay among the cliffs

In the evening, we arrived at Norrfällsviken Guest Harbour. The harbour is next to a large camping area but the surrounding is nevertheless idyllic thanks to the red houses and a couple of lovely restaurants.
/Antti & Minna