This year Dolphin Dance was launched on Monday the 16th of May and the sails were hoisted for the first test sail on Friday. Here are some photos of the long-awaited first sail of the season. The weekend was sunny and warm, but the (head)winds were mostly light, so together with my father, we decided to take a relaxed schedule and stay in the home waters. Nevertheless, it felt great to be back at the sea after the long winter!

Friday evening in Airisto 

Saturday evening in Nauvo

 Hoisting the green pendant at the starboard spreader for the first time. This means that I got accepted as a member in the Finnish cruising association Merikarhut-Sjöbjörnarna (‘Sea Bears’)

The association has an extensive network of almost 30 harbours along the Finnish coastline and Åland and also one harbour in the Stockholm Archipelago. We are looking forward to the coming season as this membership opens up a completely new network of harbours especially in the Finnish Archipelago.