After a very warm and sunny September, it looks like the weather has taken a turn towards the Autumn this week. Also, this weekend has been quite windy, but the wind should ease for the Sunday, so we might be going sailing tomorrow.

As the time schedule has been fairly limited recently, we have only made a couple of one-night trips to the nearby places. As I wrote also last year, Autumn is the perfect time to visit and also discover new places nearby one’s homeport. That is, places which might be overlooked during the main season.

Last weekend, on Friday, we cast off after the work and took a course towards Nauvo guest harbour, which is not particularly a new acquintance, but it is nice place to visit during off-season, as the harbour is lively and there are usually a lot of boats also in September weekends.

We were expecting to motor the whole 15 nautical miles in light headwind, but fortunately the wind veered to more favourable direction during the evening, so we were able to continue under sail at about 4 knots. This meant a bit later arrival time and less time for sauna, but this time it was definitely worth it. The weather was a bit hazy and the sunset beautiful, so I also decided to fly the quadcopter to take some aerial photos from the southern Airisto.