The last night in Åland: it was nice to visit beautiful Kumlinge Remmarhamn after a few years. 

Very Ålandic scenery in Kumlinge
Sailing to Kustavi: the only rainy day at the sea. Fortunately the rain lasted only a couple of hours.
After the rain, we got one of the best sailing legs of the season while broadreaching in fresh southeasterly wind along the Kihti fjard. 
Moored on our cruising club’s base in Kustavi. The pier is located on a small rock.

Our Tour de Åland ended up in mid-July and we left the boat to in Northern Kustavi for a few days. After a couple of days at work, we headed back to the sea on Sunday the 17th of July. 

We had a late start, but decided to take an advantage of good southerly winds and long daylight and take a course towards north to Bothnian Sea.