On Sunday evening the 17th of July, we hoisted the sails after a couple of days’ break and took a course from Kustavi towards north and the Bothnian Sea. The southwesterly wind was favourable until the late evening so we decided to continue to our cruising association’s skerry harbour, located north of Uusikaupunki. We arrived there just after the midnight. On the following day we had still about 20 nautical miles leg to Kylmäpihlaja island, which was also going to be the northernmost point along the Finnish coastline, that Dolphin Dance has ever sailed.

Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse is located outside City of Rauma in western Finland. The archipelago on the coast of Bothnian Sea is only a narrow belt between the mainland and the open sea so the conditions can be harsh especially during the autumn and winter. This adds some rugged beauty to these outer islands: the landscape is barren and the few trees are mostly small. The landscape on Kylmäpihlaja reminded me of the western part of Isokari island located some 30 nautical miles to the south. However, the Kylmäpihlaja is a lot smaller island and it is mostly treeless whereas Isokari has thick forests in the middle part.

Here are some photos from Kylmäpihlaja. Check out also the short video, which I filmed during our stay on the island.

 The lighthouse and the pilot station were built in 1952
View from the lighthouse tower, which rises 36 meters above sea level

The beacon light range is nowadays 17 miles

 The harbour basin is sheltered in all winds

Here is a short movie from Kylmäpihlaja (watch on YouTube):