This weekend is going to be the last weekend we spend in Finland before our travel towards Norway begins! Thus, we have had a lot to do lately. Antti has been teaching his students but additionally he has been polishing and fixing at Dolphin Dance for the rest of they days. And I have been doing a lot of planning besides working normally. Antti has actually worked like 13 hours every day! It seems a lot and it is, for sure, hard to do, but it also seems to be necessary – everything has to be ready before we start travelling next week.

This weekend we are planning to do a two-day trip to Airisto in Turku Archipelago. Airisto is known as a well sheltered harbor. The popular port is Airisto Stormälö and it offers good facilities for everyone. I am looking forward to visiting Airisto! This weekend, we will also use the new Webasto heater for the first time. Let’s hope that it works well so that we will not be freezing when trying to sleep! The weather for the coming weekend seems okay, 15-20°C and it should not be raining. Let’s keep fingers crossed!

Photo from this website.