Last weekend was cold (again) and rainy so we decided not to go out to the sea this time. Instead, we used the time to clean and organize the interiors. We bought a variety of storage boxes and went through our stuff to get rid of all the unnecessary things. On Saturday we drove to my parents’ summerhouse in Kustavi to (among other things) pick up our inflatable dinghy from its winter storage. 

Gas bottle troubles
Dolphin Dance was bought last year from Denmark, and it has two German Campingaz-bottles (2,8 kg each) for oven. So this was first time that I had to get bottles filled or changed. It was frustrating to learn that Campingaz-bottles are not widely changed or filled in Finland. Different standards of gas bottles give you a headache, when you are sailing in different countries. In Finland the AGA propane cylinder is the standard one, and the problem is, that it requires significantly larger height than Campingaz or Primus cylinder due to the size of the regulator. Thus the Finnish bottles would not fit straight into the boat’s gas bottle place in the anchor box.

Since we did not have time for larger modification, options were to use either Primus or Campingaz-bottles. Problem with the Primus was that changing the system would cost a lot since new bottles and the regulator would have to be bought and Primus cylinders are also more expensive than AGA bottles. Furthermore, there are fewer places where you can change them in Finland – especially in the archipelago.

Finally (after many phone calls) I found a company Wilhtom in Espoo that is changing Campingaz. Another one was Kaasuvalo, but they did not have full bottles at the moment. So four hours of driving to Espoo and back just to get a bottle of gas changed! I do not know how widely Campingaz is changed in Norway so we have to fill our gas reserves in Denmark. Last season I used less than one and half bottles of gas so two bottles should be enough for Norway.

Campingaz gas bottle