The new toilet is one of the few investments that we are making for this season. We decided to replace the old one, because it had started to smell a bit. The main culprit for this was a small crack at the base of the toilet seat. Two years ago I managed to seal this leak with Cpt. Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure, but obviously this was not a long term solution, since the toilet seat easily gets a bit of beating when used at sea. This is especially true in our boat, where the toilet is located sideways and rather close to the bow, so just staying on the toilet seat sometimes requires acrobatic maneuvers.

We replaced the original Jabsco toilet seat with a new marine toilet of the same brand. I was very pleased to find, that the dimensions of this product have remained the same since 1986, so the new toilet seat was easy to fit to the old screw holes and thus the installation was rather straight-forward. /Antti

The dimensions of the new and our old 1990’s Jabsco marine toilets are the same 

The new toilet installed. When not in use, the toilet seat can be used as a bench when 
brushing your teeth for example. A smart dual purpose in a small boat.   

The biggest improvement in the design is a Twist ’n’ Lock safety handle, 
which guards against flooding and waste backflow.