DD was launched on the last day of April. This was almost record early for us, but in 2011 she was back in water just one day earlier on the 29th of April.

This year we had less projects than on the previous years. For example the antifouling was renewed in 2013 and the bottom was in good condition after the season, so I decided to use the same antifouling. The underwater hull was just sanded lightly to activate the antifouling. 
The topsides were polished and waxed with Autoglym’s products, of which we had good experiences from last season. Prior to the polishing, the hull was washed with boat shampoo and the topsides were treated with oxalic acid based Gelcoat Cleaning Powder (Hempel) to get rid of the yellow waterline stain. 
The mast still needs to be stepped and the sails installed before we can set sail to her homeport. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for the weekend doesn not look too promising so let’s see when we can actually start the sailing season. 

2nd attempt to fix the leaky solar vent