On Friday, we cast off from Visby after spending almost a whole week in the harbour. The strong northerly wind had pretty much faded away, so we ended up motoring the short 15 nautical miles’ leg to Lickerhamn, which is a small fishing village on the west coast. It was one of the harbours that we definitely wanted to visit on Gotland. I had sailed past this harbour three years ago, but did not have enough time to pass by then. However, it looked very idyllic from the sea and furthermore, we had also heard a lot of positive comments about the harbour from fellow sailors.

Farewell to Visby 

Lickershamn is located on the scenic Klintkusten, ’The Cliff Coast’. The famous lonely Jungfrun rauk is located just 600 m south of the harbour and together with Häftings klint in the north, they offer great surroundings for the harbour. There is a path from the harbour to the Jungfrun rauk and to the nearby Stuklint cliff, which rises 27 meters over the sea level.

The fishermen tradition is still living in the village, so we bought excellent smoked salmon from the fiskeboden/harbour office. We actually ended up spending two nights in this idyllic harbour, since the calm and peaceful atmosphere in Lickershamn felt especially refreshing after a busy week in Visby. Also the weather was great: sunny and warm, although the nights were chilly since the sea water temperature was only 9–12 degrees. Most interestingly, it had dropped about 10 degrees after the northerly winds a few days earlier.

 Jungfrun rauk seen from the sea

Great views from the Stuklint

Relaxing on the beach (via Minna’s Instagram)

 The beach near Häftings klint