On Sunday morning we continued with a short 22 nm leg from Lickershamn to Lauterhorn on Fårö. The wind was light during the day, but picked up in the afternoon so we got a nice northerly wind for the last 1,5 hours. We had visited Fårö by car just a week earlier, but wanted to still come back and spend more time on this amazing island. Furthermore, the location of the Lauterhorn harbour is great when heading north from Gotland.

We arrived around 3 pm in the afternoon and could see already from the sea that this popular (and the only) guest harbour on Fårö was full of masts. We were a bit worried if there is a berth for us, but managed to find one from the third row. Actually, there were many boats arriving after us and about five or six late-comers had to anchor out in the bay. Someone had calculated that there were 55 boats staying in this small harbour, although our harbour guide says that there are places for only 25 guest boats.

In the evening, we rented bicycles and cycled to see the Gamle hamn rauks located about five kilometers away from the harbour. This place is amazingly beautiful and it also has the famous ’Coffeepot’ rauk, which is probably the most photographed sea-stack on Fårö.

On Monday, the westerly wind increased and was howling in the rigging so we decided to spend one more day on the island. We walked to see the nearby Digerhuvud rauks, located only about a kilometer from the harbour. For a photographer, Fårö is an absolute paradise!

p.s. We are now already back in the Stockholm Archipelago. Internet connections have been pretty much non-existent lately so we are lacking behind with the blog. Post about exotic Gotska Sandön island following shortly.

Gamle hamn rauks

The famous Coffeepot rauk (aka the Dog or the St. Olof’s gate)

Digerhuvud rauks