On Wednesday afternoon, we continued with a short leg from Sundsvall towards north. We decided to stay at wild anchorage, but since it was an evening of Euro 2012 semi-finals, we tried to find an anchorage with a good tv-signal. We first sailed to Söråkersviken, but the forrest and the hills were blocking the tv-signal, and the place also appeared to be a bit dark. Thus, we decided to continue a few miles northwest to Kattskär, which is Svenska Kryssarklubben’s skerry harbour. There is a very narrow, river-like passage to Kattskär. However, we read in our harbour guide, that the waterway should have minimum depth of 1,9 meters.

Otherwise the passage was well marked, but one seamark was damaged and only partly visible. Unfortunately, we passed it from the wrong side and motored straight into shallow water. We did not have too much speed and luckily the bottom was very soft, so we did not get stuck. We managed to motor out of the shallow water, but decided to turn back and anchor outside the island of Åstön. 

Sundsvall marina

River-like narrow passage to Kattskär

The damaged, small mark in the center of the photo next to the pier was green and should have been rounded from the left side…