On Tuesday just before noon, we arrived in Sundsvall in Sweden after a pretty tiring 154 nm crossing from Finland. Actually, this leg was longer in terms of distance than any of the ones that we sailed last season. We delayed the decicion to go until the early Monday morning, when we got the latest weather forecast. In the end we were quite lucky with the wind, but not with the rain. We were able to travel most of the leg under sail mostly at good speed. The wind was first from east, but it veered to north-northeast during the day and increased to about 12 m/s. The rain started at around 4 p.m. on Monday evening and lasted persistently during the whole night until the next morning. Thus, the windvane was steering 95 % of the time, while one of us was monitoring under the sprayhood.

Last glimpse of Isokari

Breakfast at sea

Pytt-i-panna for lunch

Arriving in Sundsvall