This season just keeps on giving its best as beautiful Autumn weather has continued in October and last weekend the temperature rose to almost summer-like temperatures. Also the sea water temperature is still relatively warm (around 11 C°), which helps to keep the life onboard comfortable (of course with the help of Webasto during the nights). Moreover, the sea water temperature is making perhaps the biggest difference compared to sailing in early spring, when the sea water may be just a couple of degrees over the freezing point and the weather gets quickly really chilly, especially in the morning and after the sunset.

Despite the summer weather of the last weekend, the Sun still sets quite early in October, which limits the possibilities and range during the normal weekend trips. Thus, October is a great time to visit the nearby archipelago and discover some new places and islands. Furthermore, the darkening evenings give the possibility to rehearse nighttime navigation skills and sail under the clear and dark night sky. 

  Sun rises at around 8 am at this time of the year so it is a better chance to capture the sunrise colours.

Sailing towards the sunset – we got a bit late start on Friday evening. 

Dolphin Dance in Houtskär, Lamman. 

Viking Grace heading to Turku on a misty evening. 

Sailing back home on Monday evening. 

The last miles… Hopefully this wasn’t the last sail of the season!