We cast-off on Sunday the 4th of November for one-night sailing trip to the nearby Archipelago. Given that it is already a ‘late late season’, the weather was most beautiful with clear skies and temperature around 8 C°.

In the late Sunday night the beautiful Aurora Borealis lighted up the night sky. This colourful show by nature is not that common sight in our home waters located around the 60th parallel North. However, this was already the second time of the year, that I spotted the Auroras (or Northern Lights) and luckily this time, I also had my DSLR Camera and tripod with me. For photographing the Aurora Borealis, you need to have a camera capable of long exposures of a few seconds or more. Also a tripod or another support is needed for a steady shot. The biggest challenge is the weather, as clouds are often blocking the view especially during the Autumn months.

 The Aurora Borealis lighting up the northern sky

Sunday sailing in a warm and sunny weather

 Arriving to the island base just around sunset
 Even in the nearby Archipelago, the nights are dark (i.e. sky without light pollution), so the conditions are good for watching and photographing the night sky.