We arrived in Stockholm Archipelago on early Thursday morning. On Friday the winds turned northerly and were forecasted to stay there and increase in strength during the following five or six days. Thus, we decided to take a relaxed schedule and make short legs in the archipelago. On Saturday, we made a detour to Stockholm and stayed at the Wasahamn guest harbour, as we had done a year earlier. Also, my father joined the crew on Sunday, so Stockholm was a good port for him to hop on board.

Friday evening at Gällnö, Hemfladden

This year our visit to Stockholm was a brief one, since we continued already in the Sunday evening to a beautiful and popular wild anchorage called Säck. It is a beautiful and sheltered lagoon, so despite the strong winds, the anchorage was rather calm.

The following day we continued to the nearby Paradiset, which we had visited also last year. Also this time, it was fully packed with boats.

For Tuesday, we continued with a 14 nm motoring leg to Furusund. The wind was very strong (about 10-16 m/s or 20-30 knots) and we were motoring straight into the wind along the narrow fairway, so at some points we had to use high RPMs to get the boat moving at all.

When writing this, we are moored in the fully packed Furusund, where we found one of the last berths, although we arrived already at 2.30 pm. Our berth is at the far end of the pontoon, which is the worst place regarding the swell, that comes from large passenger ferries to/from

Tomorrow the wind should ease a bit, so we are starting early in the morning to head for Sea of Åland and Mariehamn.

Sailing past Vaxholm
Stockholm ahead!

The mainsail shackle was twisted due to the strong gusts when approaching Stockholm

 Visited the interesting Wasa museum on Sunday 

Leaving Stockholm 

Some sail to Stockholm with bigger boats than the others… 

 Wild anchorage called “Säck”