The leg from Gotska Sandön to Finnskär in outer Stockholm Archipelago was one of the best this season in terms of sailing: we got a good southwesterly wind for the evening and night so we could sail almost the whole 51 nm leg with a gennaker. We raised the anchor at 5 o’clock in the afternoon and arrived in Finnskär around 2.30 am. There were about thirty boats mooring in this popular wild anchorage, so we decided to anchor in the middle of the bay.

After about 7 hours’ sleep at the calm anchorage, which felt luxurious after the rough night at Gotska, we continued to Bullandö for provisioning. Bullandö is the largest marina in Stockholm Archipelago with about 1400 berths. There are also berths for 30 guest boats on the pier next to the restaurant.

We were pleased to find out, that Bullandö marina has great new shower and sauna facilities, which were perhaps the finest that we have seen in any guest marina so far. This was also the first sauna since leaving Nynäshamn two weeks ago.

 Leaving Finnskär. In the morning we could see where we had arrived in the night.

 Arriving in Bullandö

Bullandö guest harbour