On Saturday afternoon, the wind had eased to max. 5 m/s so we decided to start motoring towards north from Kristianopel. We had enjoyed the small village a lot but were also happy to be able to keep going further. We first planned to spend the night at a smaller harbour on the way towards Kalmar, but finally decided to head for Kalmar still for the night. We arrived in Kalmar harbour at 10 pm and were a little worried that there would not be a free spot for us, but luckily found actually a great one. We were also lucky to find out that the sauna was on and heated like in Finland, since there was around 80 degrees!


On Sunday, we spent the sunny and warm day mostly walking around the town. We ate at a nice Greek restaurant and also went to buy groceries. In the afternoon, Minna made a cake to honor the sunny day and the feeling of the summer.

Our plan for the coming days is to explore Kalmarsund area and especially Öland. We have already visited Byxelkrok in the northern part, but will probably visit some other places now. We might also rent bikes to be able to see the island more.
/Minna & Antti