On Wednesday morning, we woke up early at 4.20 am. The wind had picked up a little so we decided to hoist the sails and take a course towards Bornholm. Antti has already earlier visited Allinge in the northern tip of Bornholm, so we headed for Hammershavn, which is a small harbour located in the northwestern corner of Bornholm. We were able to sail about three hours, but the rest of the seven hours’ leg was motoring in light winds. The sun was shining!
Swedish coastline early in the morning

Arriving in Bornholm. Hammerhus castle ruins are on the hill

We arrived in Bornholm at noon. There was enough room in the harbour and we got a good place. The day was sunny so we prepared some lunch and then decided to climb up the hill to see Hammerhus castle ruins. There is a beautiful nature trail from the harbour to the castle ruins. The sights from the trail and from the castle ruin were amazing.

/Minna & Antti

Hammerhavn seen from the nature trail

Hammerhus castle ruins

They organize boat trips from Hammerhavn