The leg from Hammerhavn to Utklippan was perhaps one of the hardest so far, because it was raining heavily almost during the whole day. Furthermore, the route crossed a busy shipping lane and that required some extra caution. At one time, when visibility was low due to the rain, I saw a large cargo ship appearing from the grey and coming right towards us. I checked from the AIS screen that the distance to nearest ship was about two miles. However, this ship seemed to be closer than that. I do not have total confidence in the AIS since a few times the targets have appeared quite late on the screen so I changed our course to let the ship go ahead of us. However, the AIS turned out to be right and the ship was further away than it had seemed. Lesson learned: estimating distances at sea especially at low visibility is difficult.

In terms of sailing the leg was good since we could sail beam reached most of this 55 nm and over 9 hours leg and our speed was between 6-7 knots most of the time. Wind was about 7-10 m/s from NW. Only in the end the wind eased and we motored the last hour to get to the Utklippan island to dry our clothes and get something to eat.

Utklippan harbour

The Utklippan lighthouse was under some construction 

From Utklippan we continued to Kristianopel in rainy conditions. During the first hours the wind was very good and we sailed at good speed towards Kalmar. After noon, the wind changed to north and started increasing. About 10-14 m/s wind raised quite nasty sea at Kalmarsund and that slowed us down. Therefore, we decided to head for nearby Kristianopel which was almost full of boats sheltering from nasty weather; we managed to get the last free buoy. Later in the afternoon, a large motor boat that had some engine problems arrived. Gusty wind pushed the boat against buoys and it ended up getting a rope folded around its propellor. It took about two hours to get the heavy boat safely docked.

At the moment the wind is howling in the rigging and it is raining. The strongest gust that the anemometre captured, was about 19 m/s. It feels good to be in the harbour and not at sea.
/Antti & Minna