Good northerly winds were forecasted for Wednesday and Thursday so we made the decision to take the southern route back home (and not go through the Göta canal). We decided to leave Gothenburg on Wednesday evening and sail through the night towards south. After two hours of motoring we hoisted the gennaker and sailed first four hours very comfortably downwind at almost flat sea. After midnight the wind started picking up and our speed went up from about 4,5 kn to 6-7 kn. Our windvane did not steer very well under just gennaker so hand-steering was required. Thus we decided to take the gennaker down and sail under genoa instead to make the night passage more comfortable.

On Thursday noon we arrived at Mölle, which is a small village about 15 nm north from Helsingborg. Unfortunately the day was grey and rainy so we did not have the chance to walk around the town. Mölle is
a small town set in spectacular isolation on the dramatic headland of the Kulla Peninsula. Unfortunately, we could not make the walk up to the historic Kullen Lighthouse, which is said to be the brightest one in Sweden. Instead, we did laundry, cooked and took naps to be ready to keep on sailing again.
/Antti & Minna