Late on Friday evening, we arrived in Copenhagen. First we went to see if we found a place for the boat at Copenhagen Langelinie harbour, which is situated just next to the Little Mermaid. It was already late in the evening and as one might quess, the harbour was full. We took a couple of pictures of the Mermaid and continued towards south – Antti had stayed in Kastrup Strandpark also the last time he was in Copenhagen and we guessed rightly, there was a good place for us.

Since this weekend has been rainy and very windy (kuling  ie. near gale all the time!) the boat has stayed in the harbour and we have been enjoying the rainy Copenhagen. On Saturday, we visited Carlsberg’s museum and went shopping a little. We also went to see Nyhavn because we wanted to check the other possible harbours in Copenhagen. In Nyhavn, we found a cosy italian restaurant and had really good bruschetta and pizza for dinner.


We had also plans to visit Malmö on Sunday, but since the weather was really windy and rainy (yes we know, it is still almost 30 degrees in Finland all the time, why are we here in the middle of autumn?!) so we decided not to visit Malmö finally. Instead, we took the metro to Christianshavn to go see the harbour there, and to buy groceries. We bought a lot of bread and some pastries from Lagkagehuset – a really good bakery we found the day before. Then we found one supermarket that was open and bought more groceries to fill our food storage – food is so cheap here in Denmark when we still remember the prices we had to pay in Norway!


Now Minna is preparing some lasagne for dinner and we are making plans for sailing towards Finland. We still have three weeks time until we have to be at home, but since the weather is not that sunny here, we are planning on sailing pretty soon towards Sweden’s east coast and then towards Finland. Our next destinations are probably Bornholm and Gotland.
/Minna & Antti