In mid-August we visited Birsskär-Konungsskär, which is located in the northern part of the Archipelago National park, about three miles south from Korpoström harbour. Birsskär is a popular wild anchorage especially during the high season. However, the week in August was very windy and the main holiday season was already over so we were the only boat overnighting in the anchorage that night.

The nature on the uninhabited islands is very beautiful and there is also a nice nature trail running around the Konungsskär island which offers great views to the nearby islands.

 We deciced to set the bow anchor and use the dinghy for visiting the islands. 

Anchorage seen from the top of Västra Tvigölpan. The best places for mooring can be found from the north shore of Birsskär island.

The bridge connecting Birsskär and Konungsskär

There is an open wilderness hut on Konungsskär