This weekend, we decided to take a very relaxed schedule and sail where the wind takes us. As some bad weather was forecasted for Sunday, we did not want to go too far either. The southwesterly wind was fresh when we started on Saturday afternoon, so we decided to head for north from our homeport this time.

We got the new dark blue sprayhood, and installed it on Saturday. 

We actually ended up sailing to my old hometown Naantali (Nådendal) – located some 15 nautical miles from our homeport – for the evening, and this turned out to be an excellent choice! Having lived there for about thirteen years, Naantali was not really a new acquaintance, but for me it was an interesting experience to stay in the guest harbour and spend a weekend there as a tourist. The old town, located around the harbour bay, offers great walks along the narrow streets and on the shore there are plenty of restaurants to choose from. We both agreed that Naantali is definitely among the most cosy little towns that we have visited in the Baltics so far. For a sailor, the only drawback is that, entrance to the city is closed by bridges in the nearby archipelago. If your mast is lower than 16,5 meters, there is no problem however.

 Sailing under the Särkänsalmi bridge 

Sunday was rainy but the weather cleared for the evening.