Photographing was one of the pleasures during our journey and something that we both like to do a lot. However, at times it also caused some stress, because we wanted to capture the best moments and views. Often we found ourselves climbing somewhere in the middle of deep forrest only to get a better angle for our shots.

We took over 2000 photos during our trip, so there were a lot of pictures to go through. We have now selected 15 photos, that we think that best represent our trip. However, when editing and going through loads of photos, one becomes somewhat blind to them. So we would appreciate if you could vote, which you think are the best ones. The poll where you can leave your vote is underneath all the pictures.
/Antti & Minna

1. Sailing to Jungfruskär (Finland) 

2. Evening in Kulkan (Stockholm Archipelago) 

3. Moment before sunrise (Baltic Sea) 

4. Sunset at Kattegat 

5. Evening in Byxelkrok (Öland) 

6. Waves (Öland) 

7. First glimpse of sun light (Baltic Sea)

 8. Genoa sheets (Southern Baltic Sea)
9. Fishing boat heading for sea at sunrise (Southern Baltic Sea) 

10. Windvane (Baltic Sea)
11. Scenic Ytre Kalvekilen (Norway)  

12. Idyllic Rasvåg (Norway)

13. South coast of Norway

14. Amazing Berefjord (Norway)

15. Sunny Imsøysundet (Norway)

Which picture do you think is the best one?