On Sunday, we visited Meri Kutsuu 2013 -boat show in the local fair and congress center. The fair was held at the same time than the larger Allt för Sjön -boat show in Stockholm, so some of the dealers had their demo boats in Stockholm instead of Turku. Therefore, only three yards, Dufour, Jeanneau and Saare had their sailboats in the show.

The only boat that we visited this time, was the beautiful Saare 41 AC, which we had already checked out in the Helsinki Boat Show a month ago. However, the first visit was rather quick, so this time it was good to spend some more time at the boat.

Saare 41 AC (photo from Helsinki Boat Show)

Saare Yachts is a relatively new brand in the sailboat scene. The yachts are designed by the Finnish designer Kamu Stråhlmann, but made in Estonia. The Saare yachts have many similarities with the boats built in Orust. These include for example the windscreen, rub rails, teak toerail, spygates on the deck and mahogany interior. Furthermore, the largest models are available with a center cockpit. So clearly they are targeting the same buyers that are interested in Orust boats. However, they are priced competitively compared to their Swedish’s rivals. I like their design and the quality of workmanship seems to be excellent. It would be nice to see also some smaller boats from this yard.

We also made some purchases in the fair. First of all, we bought Imray’s Norway Pilot by Judy Lomax. This is a book, which I have been looking for quite long.

Also, we decided to buy an inflatable horseshoe lifebuoy. When packed, it’s size is very compact and it helps to keep the pushpit uncluttered.

From the boat fair, we hurried up to nearby Ruissalo island, where local SAR-association was arranging  we thought  distress flare and rocket education and shooting during Sunday afternoon. The event was supposed to take place on the sea ice. Unfortunately, when we arrived there, we found out that the event was cancelled due to the unstable ice conditions a week earlier (when the decision of arranging the event was made).

Thus, we just ended up enjoying the Sunday walk in the beautiful weather in Ruissalo. We also took some photographs from the Airisto fjard, which is still covered with ice.

We liked the light fabric on the saloon mattresses in Saare 41 AC
Easy access to bathing platform, when helmsman’s seat is raised 

Inflatable horseshoe lifebuoy

Inflated lifebuoy with a sea-anchor 

View from Ruissalo towards Airisto