On Saturday, we continued from Öregrund towards Stockholm. We motored through the Väddö Kanal, which is a quite narrow canal in the northern archipelago of Stockholm. In the first quarter of the waterway (when coming from the north) there is one 17 metres high bridge and in the canal there are two lower bridges, which are opened once in an hour for ten minutes’ time. Bagghusbron, in the southern part of the canal, is opened half past the full hours between 7.30 and 21.30. Älmstabron, the northern bridge is opened every full hour between 7.00 and 22.00.

The distance between these two bridges that are opened is easily motored in the 30 minutes’ time. However, we calculated the length of the route incorrectly and were motoring slowly and watching the surroundings. We were almost sure that we would not make it to the opening but luckily, the southern bridge stayed open during the whole eight minutes and we made it just in time!

We had southerly winds during the whole day so we motored headwind through the day. After passing the canal, we kept motoring towards south and planning where we should overnight. First we planned to stay at Kulkan, where we stayed last year in the end of our sailing trip. Since the southerly wind was good and the waterway towards Stockholm was going to turn towards southwest, we decided to sail a couple of hours towards Stockholm along the busy ship lane. In the evening, we arrived in Furusund where we spent the night.
/Minna & Antti

A lovely, miniature Swedish house and a lighthouse were built on the rocks in the northern part of the canal.


Väddö kanal 


Sailing towards Furusund