Our current plan is to launch S/Y Dolphin Dance in the last week of May and have the boat ready for the season’s first sailing in the beginning of June. Still plenty of things to do, before we can set the sail.

The keel repair is advancing and the front part of the keel got its third layer of epoxy primer yesterday. A tractor with a boat hoist is booked for Tuesday morning and the idea is to move the keel support a bit forwards which will allow access to the centre of the keel bottom.

Yesterday, I spotted a poorly attached teak deck seam, which needs to be re-caulked before the tarpaulin is removed on Monday.

There are a few cracks on the tiller, which need to be repaired. They are already opened with Dremel, so the next step is to add some epoxy filler and a few layers of primer.

Opening the cracks on the tiller

The bilge is also on the to-do-list. I am almost done with a ”nice job” of sanding the old top coat off the bilge bottom. The idea is to re-coat the bilge with an epoxy primer.

Floorboards removed to get access to the deep bottom of the bilge

Also the mattresses need some cleaning. We are planning to use extraction spray cleaner for cleaning the mattresses. Good news: one does not have to buy this expensive piece of equipment, since it can be rented for a few days or so. We got the idea from a company called Waterproof solutions Oy, when searching for a company to do bottom paint slurry blasting. They also have an ozonator for rent, so we are planning to try that one also. More info on this later on.

I have also begun to ask offers for an indoor storage space. We are going to perform a larger renovation for S/Y Dolphin Dance and it is scheduled to take place during next winter – so more info coming later on.

This and many more things are on the to-do list to keep us busy during May.