To be honest, the Finnish summer has not begun in the best possible way: the weather has not been as good as one could hope for. It has been raining, we have had less than 15 °C all the time and have not seen that much sunshine. Now they forecast that the end of summer should be better, but we really hope that the actual summer weather would come up as soon as possible, since our summer holiday and thus this summer’s sailing trip has just begun!

On Saturday we did the huge effort that has to be done once a year: preparing for the summer holiday. There are lots of things to remember to take with you, and you always forget something. Also a lot of food is needed so that one is not too dependent on the small groceries one can find in the archipelago. We were packing and fixing for the whole Saturday and finally quite late in the evening we were able to start our trip. Thus, we decided to head for an anchorage and not for a guest harbor – as in general, we tend to spend every second night in an anchorage and every second night in a guest harbour. Our first anchorage for the trip was Kaskinen, which Antti actually also visited a couple of weeks earlier during a short sailing trip with his father. This time the weather conditions were perfect for a late night photo shoot with the quadcopter.

Already during the night, the wind woke up and Sunday was quite rainy and windy. Thus we decided to head for a nearby guesthamn Nauvo. There we ate some pizza at the Najaden Boat Restaurant (one of the best pizza places in the Turku archipelago!) and of course, continued to watch the Fifa World Cup 2014 knockout games. Our tv does not work that perfectly in the archipelago, so god 3G internet connection on the iPad is much appreciated…
/Minna & Antti