After provisioning in Sandarne (near Söderhamn), we continued to Storjungfrun, which is a beautiful lighthouse island about 10 nm southeast from Söderhamn. There were some rain showers during the day, but the Sun came out just after we had arrived and the evening turned out to be very beautiful. We walked to the northern corner of the island and after that enjoyed a nice sauna (wood-heated) and a cold bath in the sea.

On the following day we continued towards south. The wind was from southeast, so first we could sail close-hauled, but as the waves started to grow during the day and the wind got lighter, we had to start the engine. In the afternoon, we saw one very dark thundercloud above the mainland, but this one passed in some distance. After that we saw some lighting in distance and a moment later the wind started to increase. We were sailing, so we decided to take a first reef in the main sail. Then we saw another dark cloud approaching, and as the wind kept increasing, we decided to start the engine and drop the sails. A few minutes later torrential rain started, wind shifted 90 degrees and increased significantly. It was hard to look forward so we stayed under the sprayhood and tried to stay dry, while autopilot was steering.

In situations like this it would be nice to have a proper wind anemometer, but I would estimate that the wind speed was about 17-20 m/s. Fortunately, the thundercloud passed quickly, and after about 15 minutes later the wind started to calm down. The rain lasted a little bit longer, but after that the Sun came out and everything was calm and peaceful. Like nothing ever happened… We motored the last one and half hours to Granskär, which is Svenska Kryssarklubbens harbour just outside Gävle.

 Thundercloud approaching

 Trying to stay dry under the sprayhood

The rainbow after the thunderstorm