Nice warm weather and good easterly wind was scheduled for Saturday, so we were in hurry to get everything ready before the evening. Among other things, the boat needed thorough cleaning from all the dust, before taking in the new mattresses, which we got just in time on Friday. More about those later…

Usually, when collecting the boat stuff from various places after the winter, something essential is missing on the first trip. This time the genoa sheets were not where they should have been: that is the genoa sail bag. Also we could not fit the longest mainsail batten in our car and as the fresh wind was scheduled for the whole weekend, we decided to leave the mainsail stored on the boom and sail only with the genoa this weekend. Temporary genoa sheets were made of our second anchor rope.

We got everything ready in the early evening, but as it was getting late, we decided to head for nearby Nauvo, located just some 10 nm to west. The guest harbour was almost full of boats in the evening, but we managed to get a good berth.

On Sunday we had a 16 nm leg to our new home port in Hirvensalo. The wind was gusting about 12-13 m/s in the afternoon, so we got a fast ride back home. All in all, everything was ok and working after the winter, but there are still plenty of things to do to get everything ready before the first longer trip, which is scheduled for the coming weekend and for the beginning of the next week.

Minna treating the new mattresses with furniture protector.

Fenders up and towards the glittering Airisto…

First sail of the season  

Spotted Viking Grace  

Nauvo Guest harbour

Morning coffee onboard