I see that it has been rather quiet in this blog lately. Partly I blame the HR 29 Owner’s forum, which was launched in the end of the last year: the forum has gained surprisingly many members and some pretty interesting topics and discussions. I personally think that the forum is a better place for more technical topics, since the forum platform is more suitable for multilateral discussion. I have enjoyed very much reading and learning from more experienced forum members. It is also nice to have chat room with people who are sailing the same type of boat since there are so many shared topics to discuss. All sailors who have interest in the HR boats are welcome to read and join the forum.

The blog has also been quiet lately, because we do not yet have plans for the coming season. For me this is a bit strange, because since 2009, I have always had a more or less ’fixed’ goal for the season set up well ahead. In a way this feels also refreshing since this way we can go where wind takes us. Well, we know that we are probably going to start the main cruise in the end of June and spend about four weeks sailing. We will definitely spend more time in Finland, but also a visit to Sweden or Estonia is possible. Let’s see what happens.

Thirdly, the blog has also been quiet since not much has yet happened at the boat. This winter and early spring has been strange. The winter weather in February was so warm, that it looked like we could start booking the launch. But when the spring should have arrived, the weather turned colder. There has been freezing temperatures during the nights, and also the days have been quite cold. It should get a bit warmer before the boat chemicals start to work properly. The maintenance task list should be shorter than on the previous years, so I am hoping to launch in end of this month.

Here are some photos from Lapland, where (two weeks ago) it still looked like a winter wonderland.