Last Sunday (20th of September) we set sail for a one-night trip to our sailing club’s island base located near Innamo. The wind faded towards the evening so we had to motor the last few miles to the harbour. Although the day was still relatively warm, the sauna felt nevertheless great after a four hours’ sail.

The island has a beautiful location with views over to the southern Airisto. The downside is that the harbour does not have a very good shelter and thus, adjusting the ropes at 4 am seems to be almost a common practice there.

After a couple of non-sailing weekends, we were happy to be at the sea again, especially as the weather was great. This might have been Dolphin Dance’s last trip of the year, but the sailing season is not quite finished yet, as we are heading for warmer waters in early October. More about this later.

Monday morning was sunny but moist.