In the end of the year, it is a good time to go through photos from previous sailing season. Here are the thirteen photos that best represent our sailing season 2019.

Happy New Year and fair winds for the season 2020!
Antti & Minna

The start of the sailing season in the end of April.
Summer holiday trip begun after the Midsummer weekend.
Gullkrona was the first stop for our summer holiday. This lovely harbour was re-opened in 2019 after being closed from visitors for ten years.
Sailing from Åland to Sweden in 25 to 30 knots northerly wind. This was Antti’s 17th Åland crossing, and at record speed with average speed above 7 kts.
It was nice to find new anchorages from Stockholm Archipelago.
Sun rose around 4 am at Northern Baltic Sea on the leg from Stockholm Archipelago to Visby. 
After leaving Visby behind, we sailed to Northern Öland and anchored in Grankullavik, south of Långe Erik’s lighthouse.
Hot weather and light winds in Stockholm Archipelago
Back in Åland in end of the July. We anchored next to the Bomarsund castle ruins.
Autumn vibes. October night in quiet Nagu guest harbour.
Crystal clear October night under the stars was one of the highlights of the Autumn 2019.
Frosty deck. After a period of cold weather in the end of October, the weather got warmer so we kept on sailing until late November.
During the season Dolphin Dance II logged 1430 nautical miles in 70 sailing days. We spent 57 nights on the boat and seventeen of those was on the wild anchorages.The last sail of the season on the 25th of November.