During the Christmas holiday it is nice to sit back in a comfortable chair and take some time to go through photo archives and video material from the previous seasons. And after spending some time on reminiscing, it is also a good time to start planning for the coming season.

But before writing about our plans for the 2017, here are thirteen photos that represent best Dolphin Dance’s sailing season 2016.

1. In 2016, Dolphin Dance was launched on the 16th of May. On the 2nd of June we cast-off for the first longer trip of the season. The evening was amazingly warm for an early summer. 
2. Sunday evening in Heisala. The day had been eventful as we sailed through a thunderstorm and a hail shower, had perfect winds, no wind at all, heavy headwind and finally a beautiful sunset. 
3. Åland ahead! Our summer holiday started on the 27th of June and we took a course towards Åland islands and sailed around the main island. 

 4. In 2016, I became a member of Finnish cruising association Merikarhut-Sjöbjörnarna (MK, i.e. ’Sea Bears’ in English). The association has an extensive network of almost 30 harbours along the Finnish coastline and Åland and also one harbour in the Stockholm Archipelago. We visited fourteen different MK harbours during the season 2016. 

5. Dolphin Dance in Storogskär, which is one of the three MK club harbours in Åland. 

6. This summer we used the Ricoh Theta 360 camera for shooting both 360 photos and videos. The ’real’ 360 photo can be seen from our Facebook page

7. Fine summer evening at Enskär, which is located outside Eckerö next to the Åland Sea. 
Enskär was also our westernmost turning point this summer. 

8. In the evening of the 17th of July, we took a course from Kustavi towards north 
in a perfect southwesterly wind. 

9. On the following day we arrived at Kylmäpihlaja Lighthouse island, located outside 
the city of Rauma. This was our northernmost turning point this season and it was also the 
northernmost point along the Finnish coastline, that Dolphin Dance has ever sailed.

10. After the main holiday trip in July, we made several shorter trips in the 
Archipelago in August and September.

11. In August the winds were strong on many days. Here beating 
from Nagu to Korpo in 25-30 kts wind. 
12. This September we travelled to northern Italy to end the sailing season 2016 on warm waters of Lake Garda. We chartered a Bavaria 31 from Torri Del Benaco and sailed on the lake for six days.
13. The first snowfall came in early November. Dolphin Dance was lifted out on the 7th of November.