Yet another year has come to an end and the Christmas holiday is a good time to go through photo archives and look back at the sailing year 2015. Here are twelve photos that perhaps represent best DD’s season 2015:

1. Dolphin Dance was launched on the 26th of May. We set sail a couple of days later for a long-weekend trip to Helsingholmen and Korppoo Verkan.
2. In the end of June we took a course towards east and Gulf of Finland and found a beautiful anchorage in the archipelago of Tammisaari. 
3. Crossing the Porkkala fjard in strong westerly breeze. 

4. On the 1st of July, we sailed from Helsinki to Estonia and stayed in the Tallinn Old City Marina for three nights. 

5. Crossing the Gulf of Finland from Lohusalu to Hanko in near gale force winds. 

6. Helsingholmen in July. It was nice to visit this favourite harbour also during high-season. 
7. Strong winds continued as we sailed across Kihti fjard to Åland. 
Anchorage in Northern Åland - Aerial photo
8. We found some quiet anchorages from Northern Åland.
HR29 in Åland
9. Calm evening in Åland. 

10. Perhaps the most beautiful sunset of the season in Isokari in the end of July.

11. Sailing past Sandön island in late August. 

12. We ended the season 2015 in warmer waters by chartering a boat from Dubrovnik. 

Happy New Year and fair winds for the season 2016!