Today is the last day of the year, so it is a good time to look back to the sailing season 2014. So here are the thirteen photos that in our opinion represent best the DD’s year:

1. In the end of May, we made the first longer trip of the season to the nearby archipelago. After a warm early summer, the weather turned colder and windy and we got a fast sail from Nauvo to Houtskär.

2. Our summer holiday started in the end of June. In the first night we stayed in a wild anchorage at Kaskis island. After watching Brazil beat Chile in the World Cup quarterfinals, I flew the quadcopter to capture some aerial images of the anchorage. This was actually something that I did in many of the harbours during the season.

3. Sailing from Aspö to Utö. After many cold and cloudy days, the sunny weather felt 
especially good. 

4. We visited Kastelholma guest harbour (near the Kastelholma castle) in mainland Åland on way to Mariehamn. We liked very much the friendly service in the harbour and good food in the nearby Smakbyn restaurant, so we decided to come back there also when returning from Sweden.

5. After crossing the Sea of Åland, we stayed the first night in a wild anchorage in the outer Stockholm Archipelago. The evening was perfectly calm and the anchorage one of the most beautiful during the trip.

6. We stayed for two nights in lively Sandhamn in Stockholm Archipelago. After Sandhamn it was time to take a course towards north and begin the return journey. 

7. Found a quiet anchorage in the outer Stockholm Archipelago (not that easy in July).

8. Simskäla in northern Åland was one of the most exotic and original places that I have visited in the Baltic Sea. The waters are uncharted near the island and we did not see any other leisure boats during our stay there.

9. After two nights without electricity in remote islands, we decided to head for the luxuries of the HavsVidden, which is also a 4-star hotel. The hotel’s pool area is included in the harbour fee so we spent most of the warm evening there. 

10. We sailed from northern Åland to Kustavi via Åland’s northeastern route. This beautiful area offers splendid and quiet wild anchorages.

 11. In the last week of July, we made a two-night trip to Isokari island. This time we also had a record number of people onboard for an overnight trip, since my brother and his two children joined us for this lighthouse island adventure.

12. Friday evening sail at Airisto. Warm and summer-like weather continued to mid-September, so we made a lot of shorter trips during the Autumn.

13. This year, we decided to extend the sailing season by chartering a boat from Italy in mid-October.

Happy New Year 2015 for everyone!

/Antti & Minna