Once a year this blog turns into a skiing blog. This March, as in many previous winters, we travelled up north to Lapland for a one-week skiing holiday. This year our destination was Saariselkä. Located close to Ivalo, Saariselkä is the northernmost skiing resort in Europe and although there are some 15 slopes also for downhill skiers, it is mostly a cross-country skiing paradise. During the week, I logged about one hundred kilometres on the skis. As often during the springtime, the weather was mostly sunny during the week, but on the couple of days the weather was particularly good, as the wind stayed calm. This created ideal conditions for skiing on the fells, as the skiing tracks stay open from snow also above the tree line.

The longest trip during the week for me was the Kulmakuru nature skiing track, which is about 30 kilometres long round trip starting from the Saariselkä village. The first part of route is easy as it follows the Tolosjoki river. After that begins a steep three kilometers long climb (vertical climb over 200 meters). The route was definitely worth the effort as nice views open along the way. On the highest point of the track there is an L-shaped canyon (Kulmakuru), which is also worth seeing. It is a good idea to reserve enough time for the route both for having breaks and also for taking plenty of  photographs.  

The Kulmakuru route has only a one narrow track for classic style. 
The easy part of the route follows river for many kilometers.

The steepest part of the climb

Kulmakuru canyon
One of the finest skiing tracks in the world? 

Lapland panorama – unspoilt nature as one can see