Last autumn, we started the refit/renovation project, which has kept us busy during the winter. The boat has been in a shed over the winter, and Antti has had nicely time to fix things related to the boat. At the same time, my role has been to figure out how we could improve the interiors. Last year, I sewed the new curtains and we bought storage boxes so we got the storage issues fixed quite well and we started upgrading the look of the interior space. This year, we shall keep on with this process. We have just decided that all the mattresses inside shall be renewed  especially because of my allergies and potential asthma, but also because we want to keep improving the atmosphere.

In the end of the season 2011, we spotted some small mold spots in the back fabric of the mattresses. The season 2011 was especially tough for the mattresses, since we started the season early, had some long periods of wet and rainy weather, and did not pay enough attention to lifting the mattresses up each day. The mattresses are probably over twenty years old and especially the ones in the saloon start to be also a bit worn out.

Our old light blue fabric is corduroy-type

For the new mattresses, we are planning to have a lighter colour for the fabric but we have not yet decided (at least not 100 % surely) which one we shall choose. Here are some samples of the fabrics we are trying to decide between. The first three samples from the right (on the first photo) are of alcantara-type fabric and the fourth is synthetic leather.

The lighter colour is close to the colour of the curtains, so maybe that one?

One thing we are wondering is how we can then protect the fabric from getting dirty with time. So we need to choose a fabric that is easy to clean, plus we got to buy some new blankets that can be used to protect the new mattresses when sailing. Do you, dear readers, have any comments or experiences when it comes to this kind of mattresses and the fabrics?

Here are some inspirational photos for us:

Saare 41 ac

Saare 41ac

Hallberg-Rassy 310 (press photo by HR)