This week has again been very busy working at the boat so that everything would be ready for tomorrow since we will start sailing towards Norway. S/Y Dolphin Dance passed Class 2 (offshore sailing) inspection on Monday. It was carried out by the sailing club inspector. Basically the inspection was about checking that all the required equipment are on board. New rescue sling, a pair of safety flares and rockets and fire extinguisher among other things were bought just before the inspection. Furthermore, life vests were checked by filling them for 24 hours and led-pulps were aquired for all the navigation lights.

There has been a lot of preparations to do to be able to set sail on Friday morning. We are going to need a lot of stuff – especially warm clothes, groceries and beverages. We do not want to start looking for the shops that are actually open in the archipelago at the moment so we need to store a lot of stuff at the boat even though there is not that much space there. Additionally, Minna has been busy decorating S/Y Dolphin Dance by purchasing some new interior design features and conveniences. Next week, when we will be sailing, she is going to post a couple of blog posts about the interior design and about all the food we have packed and how we have stored it all at the boat.

We have been monitoring weather forecast quite closely for coming weekend. The forecast has changed quite a lot every day. Variable weather is supposed to continue, so we will probably have some rain showers during the weekend and day temperature around 15 °C. Tomorrow we should have strong SE breeze of about 10-14 m/s, but on Saturday wind is supposed to turn back to S-SW – right where we should be going to. Winds have been quite strong for many days now and beating against SW-winds at the cold Northern Baltic Sea is not very tempting. Thus, our current plan is to sail first to Åland and then over to Sweden and to the Archipelago of Stockholm but we are open to route changes if some favorable weather window opens.
/Antti & Minna