During the last few days we have been busy in getting everything ready for the launch, which is taking place on Thursday. The underwater hull is now coated with five layers of Teknos Inerta 5 epoxy primer and two layers of Hempel Hard Racing (black) antifouling. Also the antifouling waterline was rised about two centimeters as the white stripe near the waterline was coated with white Hard Racing.

The topsides were treated already in the autumn with Farecla’s rubbing compound and Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish (red etiquette). Now in the spring, only a quick treatment with Autoglym’s Extra Gloss Protection (gold etiquette) was needed. This hard wax should give a durable protection against dirt.

According to the current plan, DD is launched  tomorrow and the mast is stepped on Friday. On Saturday we are going to put on the sails and continue cleaning and loading the boat. If we are quick, we might have a chance to go sailing already on Saturday. Otherwise, the start of the season is on Sunday, when DD is sailed to her new home port.

This year we treated the topsides with Autoglym’s products. And yes, it is mirroring…