The winter is perfect time for a sailing theory studies! This year I have been lucky, since during the coming two weekends, the Sailing yacht design -course is organized here in Turku. So I am very pleased to be attending this course. And don’t worry, I am not planning to design my own boat! An idea is just to gain knowledge on the qualities of a seaworthy sailing vessel.

The course is organized by International School of Yacht Design and Vene-magazine. ISYD also organizes similar courses in England and Germany next year. The themes on this course include for example design methodology, hull geometry, stability, seaworthiness, resistance components, forces on mast and rig and forces from keel and rudder.

The course book on this course is Principles of Yacht Design, by Lars Larsson and Rolf E. Eliasson. The book arrived lately, and after the first glance, it appears to be quite an extensive theory package on the subject. But I will be blogging more about the course next week after the first lectures.