Season is finally over and S/Y Dolphin Dance is now prepared for winter. After lifting the boat up we have been busy cleaning the boat and building the winter cover. We had to leave the front of the keel unsupported so that the scratch in the keel can be properly fixed. Therefore Dolphin Dance is leaning little bit forwards and the water will not exit the deck via drains as designed. Thus we tried to cover the boat well to keep the deck dry during winter.

The scratches are opened and let to dry over winter lay-up before applying new layer of GRP

There are quite a lot of maintenance plans for the next season: we are planning to renew the epoxy paint in bottom and put epoxy paint to the bilge; the main water tank needs to be emptied and cleaned thoroughly; cushions need some washing and repairs; tiller some new layer of laquer. Furthermore, the fridge stopped working during summer so that needs to be replaced. 
So lot of things keep us busy also in off-season. 
/Antti & Minna