The Isokari lighthouse island is located in the Southern Bothnian Sea, about eleven nautical miles north from Kustavi. My first visit to this island was in the beginning of the 21st century with our family’s small sailing boat. Although located next to the open sea, Isokari is rich in flora and fauna and the middle part of the island has lush forests. However, the kilometres long western shoreline of the island is barren and treeless and offers a great view towards the Bothnian Sea. This western part is my utmost favourite place on the island  especially in the evening when the sun starts setting. Actually, it was on Isokari that I first experienced (and became addicted to) the beauty of the open sea; it is rare to find that kind of view in the Southwestern Archipelago, where one can see no islands in the horizon. Well, actually there is one very small island (or islet with a lighthouse) called Sandbäck, located about 8 nm to the west, but it is barely visible.

On that late summer evening in 2000, I remember dreaming how it would feel to sail towards that endless horizon of the Bothnian Sea. That dream was realized last year, when we set sail from Isokari towards Sundsvall in Sweden. Unfortunately, the weather was less romantic than on that beautiful evening over ten years ago.

My second visit to Isokari was in 2007 and after that, I have visited the island every year except in 2011. If we have enough time, we would like to visit this great island also in the coming season, especially as our previous visit was a rather quick one.

The sheltered harbour is on the east side of the island and the  guest pier is located quite close to the pilot station. During the high season, there are daily guided tours from the harbour to the lighthouse. The lighthouse, built in 1833, is the second highest in Finland (49,4 m). From the top, one can enjoy a magnificent view to the Bothnian Sea and all the way to the outer islands of the Northern Åland.

Also, check out this great blog (in Finnish) by a pilot. The blog frequently features photography and stories from Isokari.

Isokari in sight!

It is said, that spray from the waves may reach the top of the lighthouse during the strongest storms. 

Kilometres long rocky shoreline

Dolphin Dance and a pilot boat

In July 2007, I spent an extra day on the island due to the northwesterly gale.