This spring has been very busy for us so not too much has happened at the boat and Dolphin Dance is still sitting firmly on the hard ground. The topsides are now waxed twice, but the underwater hull still needs some fresh antifouling. Furthermore, there are some scratches on the keel, which need to be repaired before the keel can be antifouled and therefore, it will take at least two weeks before we can start thinking about the launch. Hopefully everything is ready at the end of the month when we should cast-off for the first longer trip of the year.

We are planning to start the main summer trip of the year right after the midsummer weekend. This year we are planning to take a course towards east and sail first to Helsinki. This will be a new sailing area for both of us, since we have never sailed in the area east of Hanko. From Helsinki we are planning to cross the Gulf of Finland to Tallinn. I am probably among the few Finns who has never been in Tallinn, so I am looking forward to visiting this lovely capital of Estonia. From Tallinn we are continuing along the Estonian coast to Hiiumaa island. From there we take a course towards Åland islands.

This year we are planning to round the main Åland island clockwise before taking a course towards Kustavi, where we should be after the mid-July. So this is roughly the plan for this year, but of course we are flexible for changes depending on weather conditions for example. It would be nice to hear your recommendations for must-see places on these areas and especially about good harbours in Helsinki, Tallinn and Estonian coast/islands.

Old town of Tallinn, photo by Minna (2010)