After a short weekend break in Finland, Antti is back in Copenhagen with his father and a friend and they will continue sailing S/Y Dolphin Dance towards Norway. I was told that Monday was a great day for sailing – they had sailed downwind and been able to put up the gennaker for the first time during this trip. On Monday evening, they had reached Elsinore (Helsingør in Danish). They had no internet connection so Antti was not able to blog himself, so I decided to tell you what is going on at the moment. Since I am in Finland and have spoken with Antti on phone, I can now update a bit! They are now continuing sailing and hopefully they will also find WiFi somewhere to be able to upload some pictures and tell more about the journey.
We have lately followed the weather forecasts very actively to be able to plan the journey further. From Elsinore on there are two options as we already wrote when telling about this season’s plans. The first option is to sail through Denmark via Limfjorden canal to the western side of Denmark and then sail towards Norway. The wind on the North Sea is usually from west and it might be strong so the best wind ankle towards Norway would be from western Denmark. This route is shown in the first picture underneath. 

The other possible route would be along the Swedish west coast. From Gothenburg, one should cross to Northern Denmark and then cross to the Norwegian side of the North Sea. In this case, the problems are the westerly winds, because that would mean headwinds, which are not something one might hope for when crossing the North Sea. On the other hand, it is also possible to keep on sailing along the Swedish west coast even further after Gothenburg but then the journey on the Norwegian side would also last longer. The aim is to reach Stavanger and Bergen then eventually, but if the winds are consistently very strong, then it might be good to rethink the route since safety is the number one thing when sailing.

Now it seems most probable that they will sail along the Swedish west coast, but we will try to keep you updated. By the way, if you have not yet noticed, we try to update our Twitter status (which you can see on the right side of our blog posts even if you do not use Twitter yourself) and route map as soon as S/Y Dolphin Dance arrives to new harbours to keep you guys updated! These actual blog posts take always a bit more time to write so unfortunately, they do appear here a bit later.